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Games That Rocked…Guy Kelly’s World – #23: Okami

In PS2, PS3, PSN, Wii on January 28, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Today’s article by Guy Kelly:


Title: Okami

Format: PS2, PS3, PSN, Wii

Released: 9th February, 2007


I should have written this ages ago.

Not in the sense that I burn to share this with the world. I don’t wake up sweating in the middle of the night, purple-faced and unable to breathe, one thought racing through my mind like a hamster in a tornado: I must write about this game.

No. While I love video games dearly – I can chart the formative points in my life by the games I was playing at the time¹ rather than, you know, real world achievements – I have to draw the line somewhere.

Nor am I suggesting that I should have wrestled control of this blog from Jon long ago. I barely have the commitment to wash myself every morning, never mind pooping out reflective nuggets of thematic introspection on anything approaching a regular basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Games That Rocked…Benzaemon’s World – #19: Sonic Blast Man

In Arcade, SNES on December 18, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Title: Sonic Blast Man

Format: Arcade, SNES

Released: 1990


Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Punch My Personal Issues

They say violence never solved anything.

They never played Sonic Blast Man.

I grew up in a tiny seaside town that had nothing to do in it. In my free time I’d make a sandwich and go into the woods for fifteen hours at a time or sit and wonder if black people really existed.

There was one toyshop, and as I didn’t give a shit about Sylvanian Families, there wasn’t much to spend pocket money on. When it came though, there was only one place it was going.

Going to the games arcade was like going to the once-yearly carnival – extreme excitement based around the blaring music and horrible lights, but tinged with the exhilarating fear of navigating through the crowd of chavs at the entrance and avoiding the gypsy owners.

Inside it was an Aladdin’s cave of games that the rest of the country was sick of. There was a three-player Aerosmith shoot ’em up that actually had Steve Tyler’s voice. In a bid to stay relevant your guns fired CDs. There was an amazing Spider-man arcade game that was glitched and sometimes your character just fell down dead; I asked for my money back once and was told ‘that’s how that game works’.

But it didn’t seem to matter. This was a place that I loved and somewhere that I could never possibly humiliate myself by allowing a woman to get sexually assaulted. Right? Read the rest of this entry »

Games That *SPOOKED* My World – #16: Gregory Horror Show

In PS2 on October 31, 2012 at 11:41 am

Title: Gregory Horror Show

Format: PS2

Released: 15th December, 2003


You approach a corner. A floorboard creaks. The frenetic blood pump of a heart beating faster. And then, what’s that? The sing-song of a middle-aged lady? You breathe a sigh of relief, and turn to leave. Then a pink crocodile in a nurses’ outfit hurtles round the corner and stabs you in the eye with a syringe.

There were many games I could’ve looked at for this incredibly spooky Hallowe’en edition of Games That Rocked My World. But despite all the Resident Evils, the Silent Hills and the Siren: Blood Curses in this world, there’s one title that really, truly deserves your attention.

Gregory Horror Show (or Gregory Horror Show: Ghoul Collector, as it’s known in Japan), is, despite appearances, genuinely, lastingly scary. And not quite in the way you think. It’s full of a bunch of strange, misshapen characters, sure, but it’s what the game makes of you that scares. Read the rest of this entry »

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