Jon Gracey's

The Games

Games that have rocked our worlds. By me unless they’re not.

1.) Super Mario 64 mario_64_box_art

2.) Deus Ex: Human Revolution

3.) Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

4.) System Shock 2

5.) Grand Theft Auto IV

6.) Grim Fandango

7.) Far Cry GTA IV Box Art

8.) Gears Of War 2

9.) Mario Kart 64 [Part 1] [Part 2]

10.) Final Fantasy VII

11.) Uplink

12.) Earthworm Jim 2

13.) Red Dead Redemption

14.) Journey Journey Box Art (ish)

15.) Shenmue II

16.) Gregory Horror Show

17.) Metal Gear Solid

18.) Mega Mall Story (Steve McNeil)

19.) Sonic Blast Man (Benzaemon) Purple Tentacle

20.) The Walking Dead: The Game (James Hamilton)

21.) Day Of The Tentacle (Paul Foxcroft)

22.) Super Smash Bros (Tom Livingstone)

23.) Okami (Guy Kelly)

24.) Dwarf Fortress (Fred Crawley)

25.) The Neverhood

Film interlude: Wreck-It Ralph & spoilers Hotline Miami Poster

26.) Shadow Of Memories (Adam Blampied)

27.) Full Throttle (Richard Campbell)

28.) Metroid Prime (Tobias Wilson)

29.) Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings (Viv Egan)

30.) Hotline Miami

31.) Prince Of Persia (Jay Foreman)

32.) The Longest Journey (Tom Crowley)

33.) Half-Life (Jonathan Valenzuela) Zelda Front Cover

34.) Advance Wars DS (Tom Clarke)

35.) XCOM Enemy Unknown (Seb Patrick)

36.) Banjo-Kazooie (Luke Malkin)

37.) The Legend Of Zelda (Lara 6683)

38.) Secret Of Mana (Tom Hyatt)

39.) Starship Titanic (Bec Hill)

40.) Peggle (Bex Lindsay)

41.) Resident Evil (Matthew Highton) Last Of Us Box Art

42.) The Last Of Us

43.) Faster Than Light (Dan Simpson)

44.) The Secret Of Monkey Island (Jonny Garrett)

45.) The Lost Vikings (Richard Soames)

46.) Rez (Liam Butler)

Musical Interlude: Benny Davis

47.) Fallout 2 (Liam Welton)

Gaming vs. Poetry Special! HSS - The Games

48.) WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Jenny Williams)

49.) Ape Escape (Chazz Redhead)

50.) High School Story

51.) Botanicula

52.) Papers, Please GTA V Games

53.) Theme Park (Benita de Wit)

54.) Plague Inc. (Viv ‘poopants’ Egan)

55.) Heart Of Darkness (Julian van der Zee)

56.) Grand Theft Auto V

57.) Dark Souls (Sertal Saral)

58.) Pathologic – (Pierce Wilcox)

59.) Depression Quest

60.) Drop7

New game every Friday!


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