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My name’s Jon, and I’m obsessed with videogames.

2013-11-16 20.22.42

This was how I spent my 28th birthday. On the left is my girlfriend, Viv. She’s tolerant.

“Oh brilliant – a middle-class white guy with opinions on games! Sign me up!” I hear nobody cry.

So why read this blog as opposed to the approx 8 billion* other ones out there?

I want you to do a little exercise for me. Think about this for a second: do you have that thing – that boardgame, that book, that film that piece of art that you just love, no matter what? It may not be the best of its kind, but it’s yours, because you went through something with it? Maybe you were getting over a breakup and it helped you out? Maybe you hate your job and it’s a world you can escape to?

I’ve found most people do.

New About Image

This is supposed to be a Nathan Drake costume. The ‘bullets’ are painted tampons. I wish I was joking.

Games That Rocked My World is a site for people to talk about the games that are special to them. Whether it’s the most mainstream Triple-A title or that weird Amiga demo from ’89, welcome to a platform for celebrating games that have changed us, even if only in some small way.

I’ve been writing these for years, because I’m a massive virgin, but people whom I like also help me out.

Check out the list of games written about so far.

Want to tell the world about a game that’s rocked yours? Get in touch.

To round off the triptych, here’s one more photo of me looking like a bell end.

Sonic BOOM

I’m genuinely tensing as hard as a I can

Enjoy the blog.


*Give or take a couple of billion


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