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Games That *SPOOKED* My World – #16: Gregory Horror Show

In PS2 on October 31, 2012 at 11:41 am

Title: Gregory Horror Show

Format: PS2

Released: 15th December, 2003


You approach a corner. A floorboard creaks. The frenetic blood pump of a heart beating faster. And then, what’s that? The sing-song of a middle-aged lady? You breathe a sigh of relief, and turn to leave. Then a pink crocodile in a nurses’ outfit hurtles round the corner and stabs you in the eye with a syringe.

There were many games I could’ve looked at for this incredibly spooky Hallowe’en edition of Games That Rocked My World. But despite all the Resident Evils, the Silent Hills and the Siren: Blood Curses in this world, there’s one title that really, truly deserves your attention.

Gregory Horror Show (or Gregory Horror Show: Ghoul Collector, as it’s known in Japan), is, despite appearances, genuinely, lastingly scary. And not quite in the way you think. It’s full of a bunch of strange, misshapen characters, sure, but it’s what the game makes of you that scares. Read the rest of this entry »

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